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Equality is not a one-sided conversation.

It’s a conversation between ALL sides: meaning EVERYONE. Including BIPOC and those who are transgender. 

We believe everything must be inclusive.

Because you matter. Just like the person next to you...regardless of race, disability, nationality, gender identification, or religion. 

We acknowledge that some feminists are driven by a cis/white ideology, therefore they are not inclusive.

Leave your Pink P*ssy hats at the door, people, because this is where everyone gets a place at the table. 

Welcome to Feminist Tees by Statement Tease.

I’m Danielle (she/her) and I’m an LGBT mom, equity activist, and anti-capitalist entrepreneur. (Yes, there is such a thing).

What you’ll find here are not just threads for your bleeding heart.
You’ll find a beating heart.

A heart that beats with purpose: To bring on the day where our children can go out in public and hold their heads high, knowing they are loved and respected, for who they are. 

Let me just assure you that this site, Feminist Tease, is not run by some old white dude out of his basement, trying to make a buck off what he thinks is a “passing craze”. 

I run this site for a real reason. For real people, just like you, who want to see equality take over the airways. For hope. For love. For freaking PEACE.
For all.

I’ve been in this space since I was old enough to hold (and improperly wield) a can of graffiti paint.

And in reality, this passion was birthed back in 1995 when I bought my first “Fuck the Police” bumper sticker on the internet. (Shout out to Unamerican.com)

The power I felt when I held that sticker in my hand fueled this dream, even back then.  

I’m the creator of the viral meme “I stand with everyone who is not an Asshole...regardless of race, gender identity, nationality, or religion.” And yes, even God retweeted me. Not once, but twice.

You want clothes that preach what you believe.

You want Feminist Tees by Statement Tease.

Because equality is not a one-sided conversation.


I know you like to know where your money goes. So, take a look at some of the causes our products help:

Beauty for Ashes Fund - Helping victims of sex trafficking receive a college education for free. 
We also suggest that you follow and/or donate to:
McKemie Place - The only overnight shelter for single, homeless women in Mobile, Alabama
Sarah’s Circle - More than a women’s shelter, Sarah’s Circle provides health care and other services to women in the Chicago area.
BYP - The Black Youth Project
DiDi Delgado - and Done for DiDi

And, every month we donate 2% of our profits to a chosen non-profit. Click here to learn more. 

It’s time we include every voice in the conversation of equality. Join us by wearing your bleeding heart on your sleeve.



Founded in 2012, Statement Tease was started in a small basement art studio. Our studio is now based out of the melting pot that is South Florida.    

We are now featuring indie artists in our shop! Get in touch if you'd like to see your designs in our shop. 

PO Box 7103
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33338


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    Statement Tease
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